WBFN AM 1400 Battle Creek


Slogan/Positioner: Family Life Radio

Format: Religious; Christian talk and music

Web site: www.myflr.org

E-Mail: visit web site

Class: C
Daytime Power / # of Towers: 1,000 watts / 1 / omnidirectional
Unlimited operations

FCC technical information:

More about station:

Call Sign History:

  • WBFN: 7/27/2006
  • WRCC: 1/10/1997
  • WWKN: 3/18/1996
  • WELL: 8/1/1988
  • WKNR: 1972
  • WKFR: 1964
  • WELL: 1930
  • WKBP: 1926
  • WJBM: 1925

Call Sign Origin: Battle Creek's The Fan (prior format)

On Air Date: October, 1925

Owner: Family Life Communications




  • 3/2009: FCC again approves sale of 8 Battle Creek and Ann Arbor stations from Clear Channel to Cumulus. Sale and donation close in 2/2011.
  • 12/2007: The FCC approved the sale of Clear Channel's Ann Arbor (country WWWW-FM 102.9, adult alternative WQKL-FM 107.1, sports WTKA AM 1050, talk WLBY AM 1290) and Battle Creek (talk WBCK-FM 95.3, soft rock WBXX-FM 104.9, talk WBCK AM 930, silent WBFN AM 1400) clusters to Cumulus Broadcasting. simultaneously, the Commission approved the transfer of WBFN to Family Life Broadcasting and the transfer of WBCK AM into the Stratus Radio LLC trust. The complicated transaction was first announced in December 2006.
  • 9/2007: Station goes silent as it transfers between owners. It returns to the air simulcasting Family Life Radio's WUFN-FM 96.7 Albion on September 20th.
  • 12/2006: Cumulus is acquiring Ann Arbor stations WWWW-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA AM 1050, and WLBY AM 1290 along with Battle Creek stations WBXX-FM 95.3, WRCC-FM 104.9, WBCK AM 930, and WBFN AM 1400 from Clear Channel pending FCC approval and closing. Cumulus will then immediately donate WBFN AM 1400 Battle Creek to Family Life Communications.
  • 8/1/2006: Format change to Sports as 'Sports Radio 1400 WBFN The Fan' from Adult Standards 'Unforgettable 1400'.
  • 7/18/2000: AMFM/Clear Channel merger approved
  • 10/1999: AMFM to merge with Clear Channel
  • 3/1999: Capstar officially becomes part of Chancellor (AMFM) with approval of FCC.
  • 8/27/1998: Capstar and Chancellor Media are to merge.
  • 11/1996: Format switch with FM 104.9; oldies moves to FM 104.9 and adult standards WRCC moves to AM 1400. Call signs move in January with FM 104.9 taking the WWKN calls and AM 1400 becoming WRCC.
  • 4/1996: Keener 14 returns as WWKN with a 60's oldies format. Some original Keener jingles from the 1960's are used.
  • 1993: Power increase to 1,000 watts.
  • 1993: Liggett Broadcasting, which already owns Battle Creek's WBCK and WBXX, acquires WELL AM/FM and WALM. WELL-FM/AM return to the air with country format.
  • 1992: Donald Fox acquires WELL AM/FM and WALM.
  • 11/1991: Triad/Comm Co. files for bankruptcy and on December 31st, the bankruptcy court takes WELL, WELL-FM, and WALM off the air.
  • 1990: Format change to adult standards.
  • 1989: Format change to country; WELL AM is trimulcasted with WELL-FM Marshall and WALM AM Albion.
  • 1988: Triad/Comm Co. of Marshall buys WKNR and changes call sign back to WELL.
  • 1985: Hicks Broadcasting purchases WKNR and WKFR-FM.
  • 1983: Format change to oldies.
  • 1978: Antenna on Michigan National Bank is dismantled; it had last been in use by sister station WKFR-FM and had been the long time broadcast antenna for AM 1400.
  • 1974: First radio station in USA to completely computerize operations.
  • 1973: Broadcast tower moves off Michigan National Bank building to southwest of downtown Battle Creek.
  • 1967: Sold to Joseph Waldschmitt of Engineering Investment Corp.
  • 1964: WKFR Keener 14 is launched with Top 40 format.
  • 1963: WELL-FM returns and is simulcasting WELL AM.
  • 5/5/1957: The Battle Creek Enquirer and News sells WELL to Southern Michigan Broadcasting which is headed by Fred Knorr, broadcaster and chairman of the Detroit Baseball Company (Detroit Tigers).
  • 1947: WELL-FM first signs on as a sister station to WELL AM, but is taken off the air shortly thereafter as FM had yet to catch on.
  • 1940: Power increases to 250 watts from an antenna on top of the Michigan National Bank building in Battle Creek.
  • 1935: Power increase from 50 to 100 watts.
  • 9/28/1926: WJBM becomes WKBP with the slogan "We Keep Breakfast Popular". WKBP broadcasts about an hour a day.
  • 10/15/1925: WJBM first signs on, owned by Battle Creek Enquirer and News. Believed to be Michigan's second commercial radio station to operate, it broadcast for just a short time before resuming operations in 1926 as WKBP.



Center of antenna array/transmitter location:

Calhoun County


Old logo gallery:












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