WDBM FM 88.9 East Lansing


Slogan/Positioner: Impact 89FM

Format: Variety; college student station

Web site: www.impact89fm.org

E-mail: visit web site

Power/Height/Class: 2,000 watts / 279 feet / A

Broadcasts in digital/HD

FCC technical information:

More about station:

Call Sign History:

  • WDBM: 2/7/1989
  • WBDM: 11/10/1987

Call Sign Origin: We Do Better Music

On Air Date: 1990

Owner: Michigan State University

Telephone: (517) 353-4414



  • 2004: First Lansing-area station to broadcast digital programming and the first college station in the USA to offer digital broadcasts.
  • WDBM is the evolution of what once was believed to be the country's largest carrier current network with studios located in various MSU dormitories. After those stations consolidated into WLFT, the station received its license to broadcast on FM in about 1989 and subsequently shut down the carrier current operations of WLFT.



Transmitter location:

Ingham County



Old logo gallery:












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