WXUT FM 88.3 Toledo, OH


WXUT FM shares FM 88.3 with the Toledo Public School's WXTS-FM

Slogan/Positioner: Live Life Loud

Format: Variety; College student station

Web site: www.wxut.com

E-mail: visit web site

Power/Height/Class: 100 watts / 190 feet / A

FCC technical information:

More about station:

Call Sign History:

  • WXUT

Call Sign Origin: University of Toledo

On Air Date:

Owner: University of Toledo

Telephone: (419) 530-4172



  • Shares frequency with the Toledo Public School's WXTS-FM; WXUT operates over-the-air from 8 p.m. - 8 a.m. weekdays and 24 hours/day on Saturday and Sunday but does provide Internet streaming during the hours WXTS-FM is using FM 88.3.



Transmitter location:

Lucas County, OH; University of Toledo Campus


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