WYCD FM 99.5 Detroit


Slogan/Positioner: Detroit's Country

Format: Country

Web site: www.wycd.com

E-mail: visit web site

Power/Height/Class: 17,500 watts / 787 feet / B

Broadcasts in digital/HD

  • HD2: Country (The Wolf / Future Country)
    - web site
  • HD3: Spanish Hits
    - web site

FCC technical information:

More about station:

Call Sign History:

  • WYCD: 7/1/1993
  • WOWF: 9/28/1992
  • WDFX: 7/25/1988
  • WDTX: 1985
  • WCLS: 1984
  • WABX: sign on, 1960

Call Sign Origin: Young Country Detroit

On Air Date: May 4, 1960

Owner: CBS Radio

Telephone: (248) 581-2200



  • 3/2001: 'Young Country' positioner is dropped in favor of just 'Country 99.5' and later 'Detroit's Best Country'.
  • 199x: Purchased by Infinity Broadcasting, which later merges with CBS.
  • 6/1993: Wow-FM doesn't find much ratings success and WYCD 'Young Country' format replaces talk.
  • 1/4/1993: Wow-FM debuts, as a full time FM news/talk station. 'Who needs AM anymore, now there's WOW' is a much-repeated bumper.
  • 12/28/1992: Instead of a new format, the stunting continues: 'Goofy Loops' (a six hour tape of novelty songs) is repeated, interrupted by teases by on-air hosts taking calls and speculating what the new format will be. 'The Voice' promises that 'it's coming, January 4th, 1993'.
  • 12/1992: Station begins stunting: Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" is repeated over and over as the station "killed the Fox". This was followed by an electronic countdown that was supposed to lead to the debut of the station's new format. Rumors persist that the station will be 'Young Country' to take on WWWW 106.7.
  • 10/1992: Call sign is changed to WOWF, but on-air the station remains 'The Fox'. Station is taken over by Alliance Broadcasting.
  • 9/1988: Call sign is changed to WDFX as 'The Fox'. Format is pop/contemporary hits.
  • 9/1985: Another call sign, WDTX, to go with another new format- an attempt to bring MTV to radio with a contemporary hits format. New owner is Metropolis Broadcasting.
  • 1/1984: Call sign change to WCLS to go with format change to adult contemporary 'Class FM'. Final song as the rock WABX was "When the Music's Over" by The Doors. Call sign officially changed some days after the format switch.
  • 1983: 'New Music' format replaces album oriented rock. The format consisted of a combination of new wave, pop, and rock.
  • 1982: Liggett Broadcasting purchases WABX from Century Broadcasting.
  • 2/1/1968: Free-form progressive rock sound of WABX is launched.
  • 1964: Format switch to Middle-of-the-road.
  • 1960: On air as WABX with classical music format, owned by Century Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Note: WABX is preceded on the 99.5 frequency in Southeast Michigan by WCAR-FM Pontiac, which is on the air by 1950 and signs off forever by 1958.



Transmitter location:

Oakland County: Near 8 Mile Rd and Wyoming Ave (Royal Oak Twp)


Old logo gallery:












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