CBET-TV Channel 9 Windsor, ON


Slogan: CBC Television, Windsor 9

Web site: www.cbc.ca/windsor/

E-mail: visit web site

Power/Height/Offset: 201,000 watts / 625 feet / -
directional antenna

Digital Channel: 35

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More technical/engineering details: Canadian station, data likely not accurate

Call Sign History:

  • CBET: 9/1/1975
  • CKLW-TV: sign on, 1954

Network Affiliation History: CBC

On Air Date: September 16, 1954

Owner: CBC

Telephone: (519) 255-3411


  • 9/6/1996: The transmitter/tower was moved to a location away from the Riverside Dr. studio site. The new location is further away from downtown Detroit, resulting in poorer reception in the northern and western suburbs.
  • 1985: Due to budget cuts at CBC, most local programs on CBET-TV, with the exception of local news, are dropped.
  • 7/23/1975: Station is purchased fully by CBC and becomes CBET-TV. CTV programs are dropped from the schedule.
  • 1970: Baton and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation take ownership of CKLW-TV as St. Clair River Broadcasting Ltd, of which CBC owned 25% and Baton Broadcasting owned 75%. CKLW-TV airs programs from both CBC and CTV along with local-only programs under the ownership of Baton/CBC.

  • 1969: CRTC rules that foreign-based companies cannot own Canadian broadcast outlets. RKO, which was subsidiary of the American company Goodyear Tire and Rubber, was forced to sell CKLW AM/FM and CKLW-TV by 1970.
  • 1956: RKO Distributing takes over ownership of CKLW AM/FM and CKLW-TV.
  • 1950's: Was a partial affiliate of the now-defunct DuMont network until DuMont ceased operations in 1956.
  • 9/16/1954: CKLW-TV signs on, owned by Western Ontario Broadcasting Co. Ltd. which also owned CKLW AM 800 and CKLW-FM 93.9. Station becomes an affiliate of CBC but also airs many hours of local programming, much of it targeted towards Detroit.

Transmitter location:

Essex County, ON, 12 Consession Rd near Old Walker Rd, nr McGregor












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