WFQX-TV Channel 32 Cadillac


Simulcast on WFUP-TV 45 Vanderbilt/Gaylord

Slogan: Fox 32, Northern Michigan's Fox

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Power/Height: 200,000 watts / 1384 feet, directional
- Service Area

Digital Channel: 32

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Call Sign History:

  • WFQX-TV: 4/3/2000
  • WGKI: assigned 2/9/1987

Call Sign Origin: Fox 33

Network Affiliation History:

  • 9/2006: FOX
  • 1995: FOX (primary) & UPN (secondary)
  • 1990: FOX

On Air Date: 1990

Owner: Cadillac Telecasting, operated by Heritage Broadcasting

Telephone: (231) 775-9813


  • 8/2009: Construction permit granted to broadcast from WWTV's tower in northern Osceola county; station re-brands from Fox 33 to Fox 32 and switches digital transmissions to Ch. 32 from Ch. 47. License to cover granted 2/2011.
  • 6/12/2009: Regular programming on analog channel 33 ends as the station moves to digital-only regular broadcasts on Channel 47. Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display WFQX's virtual channel as 33.
  • 4/2009: Post-transition channel changed from Ch. 47 to Ch. 32.
  • 12/2008: WFQX proposes to change to its digital TV allocation from Channel 47 to Channel 32 and to move its digital transmitter from north of Kalkaska back to where its current analog signal transmits from south of Cadillac. The station's previous owner had planned to sign off sister station WFUP Ch. 45 in February but instead new owner Cadillac Telecasting will transition that station to digital broadcasts on Ch. 45 to serve northern viewers and then use Ch. 32 to provide coverage to viewers that currently receive the analog Fox 33 in the southern portion of the Traverse City-Cadillac market.
  • 10/2007: FCC approves the acquisition of WFQX/WFUP from Rockfleet Broadcasting.
  • 5/2007: Announced that WFQX/WFUP and translators will be sold by SDR Rockfleet Holdings to Cadillac Telecasting for about $10 million. Cadillac is not expecting to run the station, but instead plans to enter into a shared services agreement under which Heritage Broadcasting-owned CBS affiliate WWTV in Cadillac would operate the station.
  • 4/2007: Digital facilities granted license; The transmitter for WFQX-DT is located well north of Cadillac, near Kalkaska, giving the station a dramatically different coverage area than it's analog counterpart.
  • 12/3/1999: FCC approves sale of 5 stations (WGKI, WGKU and three translators) from GRK Productions to Rockfleet Broadcasting. Sale price was $12 million.
  • 1999: WGKI-TV 33 increases its ERP to 776 kW from 219 kW.
  • 1995: Programming from UPN is added to non-primetime hours.
  • 1993: WGKU Channel 45 Vanderbilt signs on simulcasting WGKI.
  • 1990: On-air, owner is Gary Knapp.


Translator Notes/History:

  • 8/2010: With the move to digital broadcasting, the long silent translator W54CR Traverse City has its license officially canceled by the FCC.
  • 2009: Licenses for translators W43CM Pickford and W61CR Sault Ste Marie are canceled.
  • 11/2007: W43CM Pickford is granted its license.
  • 5/2007: Construction permit granted for W43CM Pickford which would replace the station operating with special temporary authority on channel 64.
  • 2006: Noted that W54CR Traverse City is no longer broadcasting and no application for renewal was filed. Translator is likely off the air for good as it will eventually be replaced by the digital signal from WFQX.
  • 11/2005: After being silent for a long period, the license for W31BO Alpena is canceled. Channel 31 is being used by WGTU (Ch. 29) for its digital companion channel.
  • 11/2003: W54CR Traverse City granted license to cover for CP issued 9/2003.
  • 9/2003: W54CR Traverse City granted construction permit to increase power from 9,600 watts to 30,400 watts.
  • 3/2002: License to cover granted for W54CR Traverse City (moved from channel 40).
  • 8/24/2000: W31BO Alpena is granted construction permit to move to channel 32 as W32CG. ERP will increase to 9.09 kW from 9.05kW.
  • 11/24/1999: Special Temporary Authority granted for new translator on channel 64 Pickford
  • 5/4/1999: W40AY Traverse City is granted construction permit to move to channel 54 as W54CR. ERP will decrease to 9.6 kW from 9.88 kW.
  • 19xx: W61CR 61 issued a construction permit to increase its ERP to 10.1 kw from 7.53 kW.



Transmitter location:

Osceola County


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