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Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Battle Creek, Michiana, St. Joe/Benton Harbor

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • DTV= physical channel used (or planned) for digital broadcasts
  • Chan= virtual channel number (if different from physical channel)
  • * = analog broadcasts only
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
38 WWMT KalamazooCBS info
87 WOOD Grand RapidsNBC info
46 WOOD-1 Muskegon
8.2 WOOD-DT2My
1210 WYGN Berrien Springs3ABN  info
1313 WZZM Grand RapidsABC  info
14*14 WOBC Battle CreekMy WXSPinfo
1515 WXSP Grand RapidsMy  info
1642 WNDU South BendNBC  info
1719 WXMI Grand RapidsFOX  info
1717 W17DF MuskegonFOX WXMIinfo
18*16 WEID Elkhart, INDaystarinfo
2222 WSBT South BendCBS  info
2527 WCWW South BendCW  info
2525 WOGC HollandNBC WOODinfo
2626 W26BX KalamazooTCT WTLJinfo
2741 WOLP Grand RapidsMy WXSPinfo
2828 WSJV South BendFOX  info
2929 WOMS MuskegonMy WXSPinfo
2929 WUHQ Grand RapidsDaystar  info
3333 WOHO HollandMy WXSPinfo
3435 WNIT South BendPBS  info
3511 WGVU Grand RapidsPBS  info
36*  WUHO Kalamazoo   info
38*49 WMKG MuskegonMyFamTV  info
4120 WOTV Battle CreekABC info
4242 W42CB HesperiaFOX WXMIinfo
4344 WZPX Battle CreekION info
4646 WHME South Bend   info
48*48 W48CL Grand Rapids3ABN  info
50*50 WOKZ KalamazooMy WXSPinfo
525 WGVK KalamazooPBS WGVUinfo
5424 WTLJ MuskegonTCT  info
5749 WBND South BendABC info
6445 WLLA KalamazooMyFamTV info
6923 WMYS South BendMy  info

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FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 WVPE yes Elkhart, INPublic: Talk/Jazz info
88.1 WYCE yes Grand RapidsPublic: Variety  info
88.3 WCXK yes KalamazooAdt Christian ContempWCSG info
88.3 WSMZ yes HartContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
88.5 WGNC  ConstantineChristian Country  info
88.5 WGVU yes AllendalePublic: Talk/Jazz info
  WGVU-2 yes  OldiesWGVU AM  
  WGVU-3   Jazz  
88.7 WSIS yes St. JosephContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.9 WBLU yes Grand RapidsPublic: Classical/TalkWBLV info
88.9 WHEYyes MuskegonContmpry Christian  info
88.9 WSND yes South BendClassical  info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
89.1 WIDR yes KalamazooCollege  info
89.1 WOCR yes OlivetCollege  info
89.3 WGNB yes ZeelandReligious  info
89.5 WOFR yes SchoolcraftReligiousKEAR info
89.7 WSPB CP Bedford---  info
89.7 WUBS  South BendReligious  info
89.9 WAYG yes Grand RapidsContmpry Christian  info
89.9 WAYO yes Berrien SpringsContmpry ChristianWAYG info
89.9 WKDS  KalamazooHigh School  info
89.9 WTHS  HollandCollege  info
90.1 WXPZ  Clyde Twpsilent  info
90.1 WYBA yesColdwaterReligious  info
90.1 W211CA  Paw Paw------ info
90.3 WBLV yes MuskegonPublic: Classical/Talk  info
90.3 W212CL yes Benton HarborReligiousWPCS info
90.7 WAUS yes Berrien SpringsClassical  info
90.7 W214AY yes Grand RapidsReligiousKAWZ info
90.7 W214CA yes MuskegonReligiousWPCS info
90.9 WCFG yes KalamazooAdt Christian ContempWCSG info
90.9 WSLI yes BeldingContmpry ChristianWLGH info
91.1 WGCS yes Goshen, INPublic: Americana  info
91.1 W216BX yes Benton HarborReligiousKAWZ info
91.3 WCKZ yes Orland, INContmpry ChristianWLAB info
91.3 WCSG yes Grand RapidsAdt Christian Contemp  info
91.5 WVAV CP Vicksburg   info
91.7 WETL  South BendHigh School  info
91.7 WMCQ yes MuskegonReligious  info
91.7 W219CA yes KalamazooReligiousWPCS info
91.7 W219DG  South Haven--- info
91.9 WDPW GreenvilleReligious  info
91.9 WMJC  RichlandReligious  info
91.9 WQKO yes Howe, INsilent  info
91.9 W220CW  Rogers HeightsVarietyWAQQ info
92.1 WGHN yes Grand HavenAdult Contemporary  info
92.1 WHPD yes DowagiacContmpry ChristianWHPZ info
92.3 W222BB yes Battle CreekAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
92.5 WLAWyes NewaygoCountry/Rock  info
92.5 WZUU yes KalamazooRock  info
92.7 WYVN yes HollandClassic Hits  info
92.7 W224BY  Angola, INSportsWLKI-3 info
92.7 W224BZ  IoniaFull ServiceWION info
92.7 W224CA  LudingtonClassic RockWWKR info
92.9 WNDV yes South BendContemporary Hits  info
92.9 W225BA  Hastings--- info
92.9 W225BB  Battle Creek info
93.1 WDLP yes FenwickOldies  info
93.1 WMLY  MarshallReligious  info
93.1 WMPA CP Ferrysburg  info
93.3 W227AS yes WhitehallReligousWMCQ info
93.3 W227BB  Fremont------ info
93.5 WGLN  Cedar LakeReligious  info
93.7 WBCT yes Grand RapidsCountry  HD info
94.1 WWKR  LudingtonClassic Rock  info
94.3 WZOC  Plymouth, INOldies  info
94.5 WTNR yes Grand RapidsCountry HDinfo
94.7 WCVM yes BronsonContmpry ChristianWBCL info
94.9 WKZC  LudingtonCountry  info
94.9 WSJM yes Benton HarborNews/Talk  info
94.9 W235BN yes Grand RapidsAdult UrbanWYGR info
95.1 W236AV yes KalamazooReligiousWUFN info
95.1 W236BR  Reed CityNews/TalkWBRN info
95.3 WBCK yes Battle CreekNews/Talk  info
95.3 WGVS yes MuskegonPublic: Talk/JazzWGVU info
95.3 WTRC yes South BendNews/Talk info
95.3 W237CZ yes Grand RapidsTalkWPRR info
95.5 W238AL  PortageAdult Urban ContempWNWN info
95.7 WAOR yes South BendClassic Rock info
95.7 WLHT yes Grand RapidsHot Adult Contmpry  HD info
  WLHT-2 yes  ComedyWNWZ  
95.9 WEFM  Michigan City, INAC/Oldies  info
95.9 WLKM yes Three RiversClassic Hits  info
96.1 WMAX yes Grand RapidsSports HDinfo
  WMAX-2   Alt Classics   
96.5 WBHC  Benton Harborsilent  info
96.5 WKZO yes KalamazooNews/Talk  info
96.5 W243BA  Big Rapids---  info
96.5 W243BD yes BeechwoodReligousWMCQ info
96.5 W243BH  Muskegon--- info
96.7 WCOE yes LaPorte, INCountry  info
96.9 WLAV yes Grand RapidsClassic Rock HDinfo
97.1 W246AU yes ColdwaterAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
97.1 W246BW yes Three RiversClassic CountryWRCI info
97.3 WDEE  Big RapidsOldies  info
97.3 W247AM  KalamazooReligiousWMJCinfo
97.5 WWSN  MuskegonAdult Contemporary  info
97.5 WYTZ yes St. JoesphCountry  info
97.7 WSSM yes South BendClassic Hits  info
97.9 WGRD yes Grand RapidsActive Rock HDinfo
98.3 WCXT yes HartfordHot Adult Contmpry  info
98.3 WLCS  MuskegonClassic Hits  info
98.5 WNWN yes ColdwaterCountry  info
98.7 WFGR yes Grand RapidsClassic Hits HDinfo
98.7 WLDN CP Pentwater  info
98.9 W255BC yes PlainwellReligiousWOFR info
99.1 WSMK  BuchananRhythmic Contmpry Hits  info
99.3 WBET  SturgisOldies  info
99.3 WJQK yes Grand RapidsContmpry Christian  info
99.5 WFPM yes Battle CreekReligious  info
99.5 W258AH yes KalamazooAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
99.9 WHFB yes Benton HarborCountry  info
100.1 WBCH yes HastingsCountry  info
100.1 WVIB  MuskegonAdult Urban Contmpry  info
100.3 WLKI yes Angola, INHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WLKI-2   Classic Rock   
  WLKI-3   Sports   
100.3 W262AF yes KalamazooContmpry ChristianWFRN info
100.5 WEEH  HartOldies  info
100.5 WTRV yes Grand RapidsAdult Contemporary  info
100.7 WBYT yes South BendCountry  info
100.9 WMBC yes Norton ShoresContmpry ChristianWHEY info
100.9 WQXC yes KalamazooOldies  info
100.9 WWBR  Big RapidsCountry  info
101.1 W266AE yes ColdwaterContmpry ChristianWFRN info
101.1 W266BS yes CassopolisClassic HitsWGTO info
101.3 WBFX yes Grand RapidsRock HDinfo
  WBFX-2   Adult Alternative   
101.3 W267BE  Angola, INRockWLKI-2 info
101.5 WNSN yes South BendAdult Contemporary  info
101.7 WMRR yes MuskegonRock  info
102.1 WMUK yes KalamazooPublic: Variety HDinfo
  WMUK-2 yes  Variety  
102.3 WSMM yes South BendClassic HitsWSSM info
102.3 WYBR  Big RapidsHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.5 W273AR  Paw PawCountryWKFR-2 info
102.5 W273BM yes Benton HarborContmpry ChristianWFRN info
102.7 WLEG yes Elkhart, INHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.7 WMOM yes LudingtonContemporary Hits  info
102.7 W274AQ  Battle CreekReligiousWMJCinfo
102.9 WFUR  Grand RapidsReligious  info
103.1 WHME yes South BendReligious info
103.3 WKFR yes Battle CreekContemporary Hits  info
103.3 W277BB yes Grand HavenReligousWMCQ info
103.7 WCSY  South HavenOldies  info
103.7 WUVS yes MuskegonUrban  info
103.9 WRBR yes South BendRock  info
104.1 WVGR yes Grand RapidsPublic: News/TalkWUOMHDinfo
104.5 WSNX yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits  HD info
  WSNX-2   Dance   
104.7 WFRN yes South BendContmpry Christian  info
104.9 WBXX yes Battle CreekAdult Contemporary  info
104.9 W285DY  LudingtonAdult ContemporaryWMLQ info
105.1 W286AU  Allegan--- info
105.3 WHTS yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits HDinfo
105.3 WVBH yes Benton HarborUrban  info
105.5 WSFT yes Berrien SpringsReligious  info
105.5 WTHD  LaGrange, INCountry  info
105.7 WSRW yes Grand RapidsAdult Contemporary  info
106.1 WMMT  MuskegonUrban Oldies  info
106.3 WGLM yes LakeviewFull Service  info
106.3 WKLA  LudingtonAdult Contemporary  info
106.3 WUBU yes South BendAdult Urban Contmpry  info
106.5 WVFM yes KalamazooAdult Contemporary  info
106.7 WRHC yes Three OaksVariety  info
106.9 WOOD yes MuskegonNews/Talk HDinfo
107.1 WIRX yes St. JosephRock HDinfo
107.3 WBBL yes GreenvilleSports  info
107.7 WRKR yes KalamazooRock  info
107.7 W299BE  Big RapidsNews/TalkWBRN info
107.9 WMUS yes MuskegonCountry HDinfo

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AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall   CityFormatMore
590 WKZO yes KalamazooNews/Talkinfo
640 WMFN  Grand RapidsEthnicinfo
810 WMJH yes Grand RapidsEthnicinfo
850 WGVS yes MuskegonOldiesinfo
910 WGTO yes CassopolisClassic Hitsinfo
930 WBCK  Battle CreekClassic Countryinfo
940 WCSY  South Havensilentinfo
960 WSBT yes South BendNews/Talkinfo
980 WAKV  PlainwellAdult Standardsinfo
1060 WHFB  Benton HarborTalkinfo
1090 WKBZ yes MuskegonNews/Talkinfo
1140 WVHF yes Grand RapidsReligiousinfo
1220 WBCH  HastingsNews/Talkinfo
1230 WBET  SturgisSportsinfo
1230 WTKG yes Grand RapidsTalkinfo
1260 WPNW yes ZeelandTalk/Religiousinfo
1270 WCMR yes Elkhart, INReligiousinfo
1290 WNIL  NilesTalkinfo
1300 WOOD yes Grand RapidsNews/Talkinfo
1340 WJRW yes Grand RapidsTalkinfo
1340 WTRC yes Elkhart, INNews/Talkinfo
1360 WKMI yes KalamazooNews/Talkinfo
1370 WGHN yes Grand HavenSportsinfo
1380 WGLM yes GreenvilleFull Serviceinfo
1400 WBFN yes Battle CreekReligiousinfo
1400 WSJM yes St. JosephNews/Talkinfo
1410 WNWZ yes Grand RapidsComedyinfo
1420 WIMS yes Michigan City, INNews/Talkinfo
1430 WION  IoniaFull Serviceinfo
1440 WKPR  KalamazooReligiousinfo
1450 WHTC yes HollandFull Serviceinfo
1450 WKLA  LudingtonNews/Talkinfo
1460 WBRN  Big RapidsNews/Talkinfo
1460 WKAM yes Goshen, INEthnicinfo
1480 WGVU yes Grand RapidsOldiesinfo
1490 WKLQ  WhitehallTalkinfo
1520 WRCI yes Three RiversClassic Countryinfo
1530 WYGR yes Grand RapidsAdult Urbaninfo
1550 WSHN  Fremontsilentinfo
1560 WNWN  KalamazooAdult Urban Contempinfo
1570 WFUR  Grand RapidsReligiousinfo
1580 WHLY yes South BendReligiousinfo
1590 WODJ CP  Big Rapids---info
1590 WTVB  ColdwaterFull Service/Oldiesinfo
1620 WDND yes South BendContemporary Hitsinfo
1660 WQLR  KalamazooSportsinfo
1680 WPRR yes Grand RapidsTalkinfo

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Weather Radio:

Grand Rapids NWS Office - Western and Central Lower Peninsula

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 WXK81 yes Onondaga/Lansing500 watts1413 ftinfo
Branch, Calhoun, Clinton, Eaton, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, Shiawassee
7162.425 WNG672 yes Wolf Lake/Baldwin1000 watts1188 ftinfo
Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, Wexford
7162.425 WXN99 yes West Olive300 watts623 ftinfo
Allegan, Muskegon, Ottawa
3162.475 WWF34  Plainwell/Kalamazoo300 watts? ftinfo
Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun
Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Van Buren
3162.475 WWF36  Hesperia500 watts1036 ftinfo
Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana
4162.525 KZZ33  Mt. Pleasant1000 watts791 ftinfo
Clare, Gratiot, Isabella, Mecosta, Midland, Montcalm, Osceola
1162.550 KIG63 yes Grand Rapids/Kentwood1000 watts929 ftinfo
Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Ottawa


Northern Indiana NWS Office - Southernmost tier of MI counties (except Monroe and Lenawee) and northern Indiana

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 WXJ57 yes South Bend/Mishawaka, IN1000 watts1126 ftinfo
Berrien, Cass, St. Joseph
7162.425 KXI94  Angola, IN1000 watts1100 ftinfo
Branch, Hillsdale, Lenawee, St. Joseph
6162.500 KJY62  LaPorte, IN1000 watts823 ftinfo
Berrien, Cass

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AM Travelers Information Service:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall CityUsageMore
530 WNMQ279  HollandCommunityinfo
530 WPAM594  OshtemoCommunityinfo
530 WPHH450  yes  Big RapidsFerris St. Uinfo
1610 WPKI666  Grand Rapids   Ford Airportinfo
1610 WQCB655  Battle CreekCommunityinfo
1610 WQIV322  LudingtonVisitor Infoinfo

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Carrier Current/LP AM:

FreqCall   CityFormatMore
1590 WAQU  Grand Rapids  College ---
1610 WCKS yes Allendale  College info

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