Former WMLN-FM 106.3 Mt. Clemens

Last Known Format: Full Service

Off air date: 1954

On air date: May 1, 1947

Last Known Technical Information:

Class: -
Power / Height: 340 watts / - feet
Directional pattern: -

Call Sign History:


Call Sign Origin:

  • Mt. Clemens

Last Known Owner: Macomb Publishing Company


On May 1st 1947, WMLN-FM 106.3 Mt. Clemens became Macomb County's first radio station.

WMLN-FM broadcast from studios in the Monitor-Leader Building at 67 Cass Street in downtown Mt. Clemens. The station was owned by the Macomb Publishing Company and was known as "The Voice of Macomb County" for the years it was on the air. In the post World War II era, WMLN-FM was one of the few stations in Michigan on the then relatively new FM band that had a regular program schedule.

In early 1954 however, WMLN-FM sent silent forever. FM and FM receivers had not yet become popular enough with the public for the fledgling station to sustain its operations.




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