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The Roots of Michigan Broadcasting

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Michigan Broadcast News Archives

Michiguide.com has been Michigan's most comprehensive source for broadcasting news and information since 1997. Starting in 1999, all of the news and notes that have been posted on this site have been archived so that they can easily be referenced.

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General Broadcasting History Links:

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The content for the History section of Michiguide.com has been gathered from various sources, including: the History of American Broadcasting, Barry Mishkind's Broadcast Archive, George Bednarik (history of WBBP Petoskey and the FM history 1930s-60s), Mike Lewis' original Radio/TV Dial Pages, and from various Michiganders and DX-ers that have been kind enough to pass along tidbits they've picked up along the way. I have tried to verify as much of the information as possible, however it is likely that there are errors. Should you know of a mistake or would just like to add more information to this site, please contact me.

The goal is this section of Michiguide.com is to document as much Michigan radio and TV history as possible and provide an archive of it here for all to use and share. Please be patient as this is always an ongoing project.



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