Station Listings

Comprehensive listings of Michigan broadcast Television, FM, and AM stations. These directories also contain stations from cities such as Toledo, South Bend, Sarnia, and Sault Ste. Marie, ON where appropriate:

Regional Dial Guides:

Southeast Michigan
Southeast MI
West Michigan
West Michigan
Northern Michigan
Northern MI
Upper Peninsula
Upper Peninsula


Ontario Dial Page: Listings for Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie, London, and Owen Sound. Many stations in these areas are receivable in Michigan.

Statewide Dial Guides:

  • Television: Every full power television station in Michigan and nearby regions along with LPTV's with known programming.
  • FM Radio: Master list of every full power and LPFM station in Michigan and nearby regions.
  • AM Radio: Master list of every AM station in Michigan and nearby regions.
  • FM Translators: All the FM translators in Michigan. Separated from the main FM page after the big 'translator rush' of 2004.
  • Low Power FM Radio: Stations that have come to be since the LPFM service was created.
  • Group Owners: A comprehensive list of who owns what across Michigan.
  • Michigan TV Markets: A graphical look at how Michigan's TV markets are configured.
  • NOAA Weather Radio: The complete list of NOAA Weather Radio stations across Michigan. Includes SAME/FIPS codes, location and coverage maps.
  • Low Power TV (under 1,000 watts / unknown programming): The remaining LPTV stations in Michigan that are not on the main TV list or the regional dial pages. These stations are either not on the air or their programming has not been verified.
  • AM Travelers Information Service: These low powered AM stations serve very localized areas with specific information on traffic conditions, border crossing info, and/or community information.
  • Radio format key, communities of license: An explanation of how radio formats and communities of license are used on
  • Sports Affiliates: A quick guide to stations across Michigan airing play-by-play from Detroit's major league teams plus the largest universities.




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