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Michigan station count: 18, +7 in NW Ohio

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FM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
92.3 WMXD yes DetroitAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
  WMXD-2 yes  Religious   
92.5 WVKS yes ToledoContemporary Hits  info
93.7 WBCT yes Grand RapidsCountry HDinfo
95.5 WKQI yes DetroitContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WKQI-2 yes  Contemporary Hits   
96.1 WMAX yes Grand RapidsSports HDinfo
  WMAX-2   Alt Classics   
97.9 WJLB yes DetroitUrban HDinfo
  WJLB-2 yes  Urban   
98.1 WDFM yes Defiance, OHHot Adult Contmpry  info
100.3 WNIC yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WNIC-2 yes  Adult Contemporary   
101.3 WBFX yes Grand RapidsRock HDinfo
  WBFX-2   Adult Alternative   
101.5 WRVF yes ToledoAdult Contemporary  info
101.7 WMRR yes MuskegonRock  info
103.7 WCKY yes Tiffin, OHCountry  info
104.5 WSNX yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WSNX-2   Dance   
104.7 WIOT yes ToledoRock  info
105.7 WSRW yes Grand RapidsAdult Contemporary  info
106.7 WDTW yes DetroitRhythmic AC HDinfo
  WDTW-2 yes  Country   
106.9 WOOD yes MuskegonNews/Talk HDinfo
107.9 WMUS yes MuskegonCountry HDinfo



AM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatMore
1090 WKBZ yes MuskegonNews/Talkinfo
1130 WDFN yes DetroitSportsinfo
1230 WCWA  ToledoSportsinfo
1230 WTKG yes Grand RapidsTalkinfo
1300 WOOD yes Grand RapidsNews/Talkinfo
1310 WDTW yes DetroitTalkinfo
1370 WSPD yes ToledoNews/Talkinfo




  • 3/2009: FCC approves transfer of 8 Ann Arbor and Battle Creek stations to Cumulus.
  • 1/2008: Local marketing agreement for WMHG AM 1600 expires and the station goes silent.
  • 12/2006: Cumulus is acquiring Ann Arbor stations WWWW-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA AM 1050, and WLBY AM 1290 along with Battle Creek stations WBXX-FM 95.3, WRCC-FM 104.9, WBCK AM 930, and WBFN AM 1400 from Clear Channel pending FCC approval and closing. Cumulus will then immediately donate WBFN AM 1400 Battle Creek to Family Life Communications. In exchange Clear Channel is obtaining an FM station in Canton, OH from Cumulus.
  • 9/2002: FCC announced that deal to aquire WAAM will be set for a hearing to determine if the move would give Clear Channel too much of the revenue for the Ann Arbor market. Whitehall and Clear Channel walk away from the deal.
  • 7/24/2002: License for WHGR-AM 1290 Houghton Lake is officially surrendered to FCC and station is removed from database
  • 8/2001: Announced that WAAM-AM 1600 Ann Arbor is being acquired from Whitehall Enterprises for $2,000,000
  • 6/19/2001: FCC approves sale of WHGR
  • 5/11/2001: Announced that WHGR-AM 1290 Houghton Lake is being acquired from Coltrace Communications for $250,000
  • 4/2001: Live webcasting on all Clear Channel stations dropped due to concerns over legal and financial issues
  • 1/16/2000: FCC approves acquistion of Muskegon station group
  • 9/5/2000: Announced that 4 Muskegon stations (WMUS-FM/AM 106.9/1090, WMRR-FM 101.7, WSHZ-FM 107.9) will be acquired from Cumulus. Cumulus will maintain ownership of WMHG-AM 1600 however Clear Channel will program and operate the station.
  • 8/30/2000: Clear Channel / AMFM merger is completed.
  • 8/24/2000: Sale of WTRV, WGRD, WLHT, and WNWZ is completed
  • 7/18/2000: Merger of AMFM and Clear Channel is approved.
  • 6/8/2000: Announced that WNWZ-AM 1410 Grand Rapids will also be sold to Regent Communications.
  • 5/4/2000: Announced that 4 Ann Arbor stations (WIQB-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA-AM 1050, WYBN-AM 1290) will be acquired from Cumulus as part of large deal between the two companies.
  • 4/30/2000: AdVantage Communications halts operations of WYUR, control goes back to AMFM as simulcast of WNIC
  • 3/13/2000: AMFM spins off 3 Grand Rapids FM stations (WTRV 100.5, WGRD 97.9, WLHT 95.7) to Regent Communications in order to meet federal requirements
  • 10/4/1999: Announcment is made that Clear Channel will acquire AMFM
  • 9/30/1999: WSNX FM 104.5 is acquired from Goodrich radio for $10 million
  • 1999: Jacor officially joins Clear Channel with approval by FCC
  • 7/1999: Chancellor Media becomes AMFM Inc
  • 3/1999: Capstar officially joins Chancellor Media with approval by FCC
  • 8/1998: Announcement of Chancellor / Capstar merger













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