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FM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
92.5 WLAWyes NewaygoCountry/Rock  info
92.7 WDZZ yes FlintAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
93.1 WDRQ yes DetroitVariety Hits HDinfo
  WDRQ-2  Dance   
93.3 WKQZ yes MidlandActive Rock  info
93.5 WRQN yes ToledoClassic Hits HDinfo
94.5 WTNR yes Grand RapidsCountry HDinfo
94.5 WXKR yes ToledoClassic Rock HDinfo
  WXKR-2 yes  Modern Rock   
94.9 WMMQ yes East LansingClassic Rock  info
95.1 WFBE yes FlintCountry  info
95.3 WBCK yes Battle CreekNews/Talk  info
96.1 WHNN yes Bay CityClassic Hits  info
96.3 WDVD yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WDVD-2   Alt Classics   
96.9 WLAV yes Grand RapidsClassic Rock HDinfo
97.5 WJIM yes LansingContemporary Hits  info
97.5 WWSN  MuskegonAdult Contemporary  info
98.3 WLCS  MuskegonOldies  info
98.3 WMIM yes ToledoAdult Contemporary HDinfo
99.1 WFMK yes East LansingAdult Contemporary  info
99.9 WKKO yes ToledoCountry HDinfo
100.1 WVIB  MuskegonAdult Urban Contmpry  info
100.7 WITL yes LansingCountry info
100.7 W264AK yes ToledoModern RockWXKR-2 info
102.5 WIOG yes Bay CityContemporary Hits  info
102.5 W273AR  Paw PawContemporary HitsWKFR-2 info
102.9 WWWW yes Ann ArborCountry  info
103.3 WKFR yes Battle CreekContemporary Hits  info
103.9 WRSR yes FlintClassic Rock  info
104.5 WILZ yes SaginawClassic Rock  info
104.9 WBXX yes Battle CreekAdult Contemporary  info
105.3 WHTS yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits HDinfo
105.5 WWCK yes FlintContemporary Hits  info
105.5 WWWM  ToledoHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
106.5 WLQR yes ToledoSports HDinfo
107.1 WQKL yes Ann ArborAdult Alternative  info
107.3 WBBL yes GreenvilleSports  info
107.7 WRKR yes KalamazooRock  info



AM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatMore
730 WVFN yes East LansingSportsinfo
760 WJR yes DetroitNews/Talkinfo
930 WBCK  Battle CreekClassic Countryinfo
1050 WTKA yes Ann ArborSportsinfo
1240 WJIM yes LansingNews/Talkinfo
1290 WLBY  Ann ArborTalkinfo
1330 WTRX yes FlintSportsinfo
1340 WJRW yes Grand RapidsTalkinfo
1360 WKMI  KalamazooNews/Talkinfo
1470 WLQR  ToledoSportsinfo
1490 WKLQ  WhitehallTalkinfo
1570 WWCK yes FlintTalkinfo




  • 3/2011: Cumulus enters into a merger agreement to purchase Citadel in a deal that places the value of Citadel as an enterprise at approximately $2.4 billion. The deal requires extensive review by the FTC and FCC before closing. Government approval occurs in September 2011.
  • 1/2011: Cumulus Broadcasting agrees to purchase FM translator W219DA 91.7 Paw Paw from Horizon Christian Fellowship for $12,500 pending FCC approval and closing. Cumulus plans to apply to move the translator to FM 102.5 and move it closer to Kalamazoo. FCC approves sale in March, 2011.
  • 2010: Cumulus and CSN International swap AM 1560 and FM translator at 100.7 in Toledo.
  • 3/2009: FCC approves transfer of 8 Ann Arbor and Battle Creek stations to Cumulus from Clear Channel.
  • 3/2008: License for WMHG is surrendered and expanded band station WDSS 1680 Ada becomes licensed.
  • 3/2008: Announced that WYLZ FM 100.9 Pinconning has been sold out of the Last Bastion Trust to the Great Lakes Loons baseball team for $325,000. The sale was approved and closed in May 2008.
  • 1/2008: Local Marketing Agreement with Clear Channel expires for WMHG AM 1600 Muskegon and the station goes silent.
  • 8/2007: Announced that Cumulus has applied to put WBCK AM 930 Battle Creek into a trust controlled by Stratus Radio, LLC which will in turn sell the station to an independent third party in order to comply with ownership limits.

  • 12/2006: Cumulus is acquiring Ann Arbor stations WWWW-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA AM 1050, and WLBY AM 1290 along with Battle Creek stations WBXX-FM 95.3, WRCC-FM 104.9, WBCK AM 930, and WBFN AM 1400 from Clear Channel pending FCC approval and closing. Cumulus will then immediately donate WBFN AM 1400 Battle Creek to Family Life Communications. In exchange Clear Channel is obtaining an FM station in Canton, OH from Cumulus.
  • 3/2006: WYLZ FM 100.9 Pinconning to be placed into trust as that station has been indentified by Citadel as one of 11 it will be selling across the country to maintain ownership caps with the pending acquisition of the ABC/Disney stations.
  • 2/2006: $2.7 billion deal reached between ABC/Disney and Citadel that results in 22 stations nationwide becoming part of Citadel Communications. In Michigan, Citadel will gain control of WJR-AM 760, WDRQ-FM 93.1, and WDVD-FM 96.3 Detroit pending FCC approval and closing. Deal closes in June, 2007.
  • 1/2006: Citadel exercises option to complete purchase of WEFG 97.5. FCC approves in March, 2006.
  • 1/11/2005: WCXT-FM 105.3 Hart is sold by Waters Broadcasting to Citadel Broadcasting for $4,100,000 pending FCC approval and closing. WCXT has been granted a construction permit granted to change city of license from Hart to Coopersville, move transmitter from Oceana County to Muskegon County, and change from Class C2 (28,000 watts @ 659 ft) to Class B (50,000 watts @ 479 ft).

  • 11/2004: Construction permit for FM 92.5 Newaygo sold by Noordyk Broadcasting to Citadel Broadcasting pending FCC approval. The $3.8 million deal also involves WEFG-FM 97.5, WLCS-FM 98.3, WSHN-FM 100.1, and WUBR-AM 1490, all in the Muskegon area. Noordyk is keeping WSHN-AM 1550. FCC approves sale of 92.5 in June and the remaining stations in September 2005 (with the exception of WEFG FM 97.5).
  • 5/7/2002: Announced that Cumulus is purchasing 5 Tri-Cities area stations (WSGW 790-AM, WCEN-FM 94.5, WTCF-FM 100.5, WGER-FM 106.3, and WTLZ-FM 107.1) for $55.6 million from Wilks Broadcasting. Sale is approved in July, 2002 but terminated in September before it closes.
  • 4/2002: Announced that WFDF-AM 910 Flint is being sold by Cumulus to Disney/ABC for $3 million. Approved in June, 2002.
  • 7/2001: Announced that WTLZ-FM 107.1 Saginaw is being sold by Cumulus to Wilks Broadcasting for $3.75 million; group's Michigan station tally drops to 10. Sale approved in October, 2001.
  • 9/5/2000: Announced that 4 Muskegon stations (WMUS-FM/AM 106.9/1090, WMRR-FM 101.7, WSHZ-FM 107.9) will be sold to Clear Channel. Cumulus will keep ownership of WMHG-AM 1600 however Clear Channel will program and operate the station. Cumulus' Michigan station count is now 11. Sale is approved in January, 2001.
  • 8/30/2000: Application filed for Citadel to purchase of WTRX-AM 1330 Flint from David Lee Communications. Sale is approved by FCC in November, 2000.
  • 5/4/2000: Announced that 4 Ann Arbor stations (WIQB-FM 102.9, WQKL-FM 107.1, WTKA-AM 1050, WYBN-AM 1290) will be sold by Cumulus to Clear Channel as part of large deal between the two companies. Cumulus' Michigan station count drops to 15.
  • 4/27/2000: Announced that WGER-FM 106.3, WTCF-FM 100.5, and WSGW-AM 790 are being sold by Citadel to Wilks Broadcasting in order to meet FCC station ownership level requirements in the Tri-Cities. Sale is approved in July, 2000.
  • 1/24/2000: Announced that Citadel Communications will be acquiring Bloomington Broadcasting, which owns Michigan Media in Michigan. The total deal is worth $176 million and involves 4 Grand Rapids stations: WBBL 1340, WKLQ 94.5, WLAV 96.9, and WODJ 107.3. Sale is approved in April 2000.
  • 12/6/1999: Announced that Citadel Communications will be acquiring 9 of Liggett Broadcast's stations for $120.5 million (WJIM-AM/FM, WFMK-FM, and WITL-FM Lansing, WVFN and WMMQ E. Lansing, WHNN Bay City, WTCF Carrollton, and WFBE Flint). 2 of the 8 stations that would be co-owned in the Tri-Cities will need to be sold off to meet FCC requirements. The FCC approves the deal in February, 2000.
  • 11/29/1999: Announced that Cumulus will be acquiring Connoisseur Communications for $242 million, increasing Cumulus' Michigan station count from 8 to 19. Stations involved are WTLZ Saginaw, WDZZ, WWCK-FM/AM, WFDF Flint, WMRR, WMUS-FM/AM, WSHZ, WMHG, and WRSR Muskegon. Sale is approved in March, 2000.
  • 12/22/1998: FCC approves sale of 62nd Street Broadcasting stations in the Tri-Cities area to Citadel Broadcasting.













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