WTWS FM 92.1 Houghton Lake


Slogan/Positioner: 92-1 The Twister

Format: Country

Web site: www.ilovethetwister.com

E-mail: visit web site

Power/Height/Class: 920 watts / 748 feet / A

FCC technical information:

More about station:

Call Sign History:

  • WTWS: 4/4/2007
  • WVXH: 7/23/2002
  • WKKM:

Call Sign Origin: The Twister

On Air Date: March, 1975

Owner: Coltrace Communications

Telephone: (989) 366-5364



  • 4/2009: License to cover granted for move to Roscommon county and community of license change from Harrison to Houghton Lake.
  • 9/2008: WTWS begins operations from its new Roscommon county location.
  • 3/2008: Construction permit granted for community of license and transmitter location/power changes outlined below.
  • 9/2007: Application filed to change community of license from Harrison to Houghton Lake and move transmitter from near Harrison in Clare county to Roscommon county in the Houghton Lake area on the same tower as sister station WUPS-FM 98.5. WTWS would also change its effective radiated power from 6,000 watts at 299 feet to 920 watts at 748 feet and to "maintain" radio service to Harrison, WUPS applied to change its community of license from Houghton Lake to Harrison but is not making any changes to its location or power.
  • 4/2006: FCC approves sale to Coltrace; it closes in June and Public Radio format is replaced by Country as 'The Twister'.
  • 3/2006: Coltrace Communications agrees to purchase station for $200,000 pending FCC approval and closing.
  • 8/22/2005: Cincinnati Classical Public Radio takes over operations, station becomes full simulcast of WVXU 91.7 Cincinnati as WVHX, X-Star Network, Harrison.
  • 6/2005: FCC approves sale of X-Star Network to Cincinnati Classical Public Radio from Xavier University.
  • 3/2005: Xavier University sells X-Star Network, which includes WVXA, WVXH, and WVXM in Northern Michigan, for $15 million to Cincinati Classical Public Radio (WGUC-FM) pending FCC approval.
  • 7/18/2002: Station signs on again as part of public X-Star Network. Broadcasting in stereo for first time.
  • 6/30/2002: After 27 years, the 'King of Kountry Music/The Mighty 92' signs off, ending its Country format.
  • 6/2002: FCC approves sale of WKKM.
  • 4/2002: Station is sold by owner and founder David Carmine to Xavier University for $270,000 pending FCC approval. AM 1540 is sold to Xavier manager Laurie Foster for $10.
  • 1992: WDEE AM is silenced and then sold in 1994 to Beilfuss Broadcasting.
  • early 1990s: Format evolves to Classic Country.
  • 1985: AM 1540 WWKM signs on simulcasting WKKM.
  • 1981: Sister station AM 1500 WDEE begins operations; by the mid-1980s it is simulcasting WKKM.
  • 3/1975: Station is on-air as WKKM with a Country format, owned by David Carmine (Dave Carr). Broadcasts are in FM mono.



Transmitter location:

Roscommon County


Old logo gallery:












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