Michigan FM Translator Dial Guide

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.1  W201CF Baldwin Religious KAWZ   info
88.7  W204AQ Newberry Religious WPHN   info
88.9  W205BH Port Huron Religious WPCS   info
89.5  W208BB Royal Oak Religious KAWZ   info
89.7  W209BR Columbia Twp Variety WAQQ   info
89.9  W210BB Benton Harbor Religious WPCS   info
90.1  W211BQ CP Adrian Variety WAQQ   info
90.1  W211CA  Paw Paw --- ---   info
90.7  W214AY Grand Rapids Religious KAWZ   info
90.7  W214CA Muskegon Religious WPCS   info
90.9  W215BR Ironwood Contmpry Christian WJRF   info
91.1  W216AI Newberry Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.1  W216BF Manistique Religious WHWL   info
91.1  W216BX Benton Harbor Religious KAWZ   info
91.3  W217AA Menominee Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.5  W218CJ Grand Ledge Contmpry Christian KHRI   info
91.5  W218CU Caro Religious KAWZ   info
91.7  W219CA Kalamazoo Religious WPCS   info
91.7  W219DG  South Haven ---     info
91.7  W219DK  Manistee --- ---   info
91.9  W220AJ Manistique Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.9  W220CW Rogers Heights Variety WAQQ   info
91.9  W220DP Ironwood Religious WRVM   info
92.1  W221BQ Petoskey News/Talk WMKT   info
92.1  W221CA Gaylord Religious WTCK   info
92.3  W222BB Battle Creek Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
92.7  W224AO Houghton Public: Classical/Talk WGGL   info
92.7  W224AV Covington Religious WHWL   info
92.7  W224AW Bergland Religious WHWL   info
92.7  W224BY Angola, IN Sports WLKI-3   info
92.7  W224BZ Ionia Full Service WION   info
92.7  W224CA Ludington Classic Rock WWKR   info
92.9  W225AV Bessemer Religious WRVM   info
92.9  W225BA  Hastings ---     info
92.9  W225BB  Battle Creek       info
93.3  W227AS Whitehall Religous WMCQ   info
93.3  W227AT CP Manistee Variety WAQQ   info
93.3  W227BB  Fremont --- ---   info
93.3  W227BY Somerset Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
93.3  W227CB  Alpena --- ---   info
94.1  W241BF CP Alpena Country WWTH   info
94.3  W232BH Holly Contmpry Christian WAKL   info
94.3  W232CA  Detroit silent     info
94.7  W234BU Traverse City Classical WIAA   info
94.9  W235BN Grand Rapids Adult Urban WYGR   info
95.1  W236AV Kalamazoo Religious WUFN   info
95.1  W236BR Reed City News/Talk WBRN   info
95.1  W236BU Traverse City Public: Classical/Talk WCMW   info
95.1  W236BZ St. Ignace Religious WTCK   info
95.3  W237AW Iron River Religious WRVM   info
95.3  W237BY Mason Contmpry Christian KHRI   info
95.3  W237CZ Grand Rapids Talk WPRR   info
95.3  W237DA Boyne City Talk WSRT   info
95.5  W238AL Portage Adult Urban Contemp WNWN   info
95.5  W238CD Coldwater Full Service/Oldies WTVB   info
95.9  W240CG Webberville Contmpry Christian KHRI   info
96.3  W242BH Marshall Contmpry Christian WFRN   info
96.5  W243AD Adrian Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
96.5  W243BA  Big Rapids ---     info
96.5  W243BD Beechwood Religous WMCQ   info
96.5  W243BH  Muskegon ---     info
96.5  W243CQ Escanaba Public: Variety WNMU   info
96.7  W244AW Iron Mountain Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
96.7  W244BS Alma Contmpry Christian WPRJ   info
97.1  W246AU Coldwater Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
97.1  W246BW Three Rivers Classic Country WRCI   info
97.3  W247AM Kalamazoo Religious WMJC   info
97.5  W248AQ  Harrison Twp --- ---   info
97.7  W249BT Adrian Contmpry Christian WBCY   info
97.9  W250BO Stephenson Public: Variety WNMU   info
98.1  W251AD Alpena Variety Hits WKJZ   info
98.1  W251AE Victoria Religious WHWL   info
98.3  W252BA Chelsea Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
98.3  W252BX Detroit Contmpry Christian WMXD-2   info
98.7  W254AG Escanaba Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
98.9  W255BC Plainwell Religious WOFR   info
98.9  W255CB Powers Religious WRVM   info
99.1  W256AY  Detroit silent ---   info
99.5  W258AH Kalamazoo Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
99.7  W259AD Newberry Religious WHWL   info
99.7  W259AH Petoskey Religious WPHN   info
99.9  W260AC Houghton Religious WHWL   info
99.9  W260AG Ishpeming Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
99.9  W260BH Albion Religious WFPM   info
99.9  W260BX Lansing Religious WUNN   info
99.9  W260CB Hamtramck Talk/Religious WCHB   info
100.1  W261BH Flint Contmpry Christian WAKL   info
100.1  W261CI Escanaba Religious WHWL   info
100.3  W262AF Kalamazoo Contmpry Christian WFRN   info
100.3  W262BD Dimondale Religious WWSJ   info
100.7  W264AK Toledo Modern Rock WXKR-2   info
100.9  W265AI Ironwood Public: Variety WXPR   info
101.1  W266AE Coldwater Contmpry Christian WFRN   info
101.1  W266BS Cassopolis Classic Hits WGTO   info
101.1  W266BU Mt. Pleasant Adult Alternative WMHW-2   info
101.3  W267BE Angola, IN Classic Rock WLKI-2   info
102.1  W271AG Mackinaw City Religious WHWG   info
102.3  W272CA Detroit Contmpry Christian WMXD-2   info
102.5  W273AR Paw Paw Contemporary Hits WKFR-2   info
102.5  W273BM Benton Harbor Contmpry Christian WFRN   info
102.5  W273CC  Alpena --- ---   info
102.7  W274AQ Battle Creek Religious WMJC   info
103.3  W277AG Sault Ste Marie Religious WHWG   info
103.3  W277BB Grand Haven Religous WMCQ   info
103.7  W279BP Jackson Religious WFPM   info
103.9  W280DD Ironwood Religious WHWL   info
104.7  W284AH Lansing Adult Contemporary WSAE   info
104.7  W284BQ  Detroit silent     info
104.9  W285DY Ludington Adult Contemporary WMLQ   info
105.1  W286AU  Allegan ---     info
105.1  W286BC Marquette Religious WNLI   info
105.3  W287BU  Caro --- ---   info
105.5  W288BK Rochester Hills Contmpry Christian WMXD-2   info
105.5  W288BT  St. Clair --- ---   info
106.1  W291CJ Marquette Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
106.3  W292DA Linden Contmpry Christian WAKL   info
106.3  W292DK Westland Contmpry Christian WMXD-2   info
107.7  W299BE Big Rapids News/Talk WBRN   info

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