History of Michigan Broadcasting

Explore Michigan's rich history of over-the-air radio and television broadcasting by viewing the pages below.


The Roots of Michigan Radio & TV Broadcasting:

In-depth Station Histories:

Archived Dial Pages:

(FMT=FM translators, O=Owners, C=Christmas)

  • 2006: TV FM AM FM Translators Owners Christmas
  • 2005: TV FM AM FM Translators Owners Christmas
  • 2004: TV FM AM FM Translators
  • 2003: TV FM AM
  • 2002: TV FM AM
  • 2001: TV FM AM
  • 2000: TV FM AM
  • 1999: TV FM AM
  • 1998: TV FM AM
  • 1989:  MTFM
  • 1988:  MTFM
  • 1976:  MTFM

Michigan Broadcast News Archives

Michiguide.com blogged and aggregrated broadcasting news from across Michigan from 1998 through 2015. An archive of these blog entries can be found by clicking here.

External Broadcasting History Links:

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