Northern Lower Michigan Radio and TV Dial Guide

Traverse City, Cadillac, Alpena, Houghton Lake, Gaylord

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • DTV= physical channel used for digital broadcasts
  • Chan= virtual channel number (if different from physical channel)
  • * = analog broadcasts only
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information


Chan DTV Call City Network   Parent More
35  WTOM Cheboygan NBC
6 24  WCML Alpena PBS   WCMU info
7  WPBN Traverse City NBC
8  WGTQ Sault Ste Marie ABC
Cadillac/Traverse City CBS
10  WWUP
Sault Ste Marie CBS
11  WBKB Alpena CBS
12*    WLLZ Traverse City My RTV   info
18*    W18BT  Alpena silent     info
21 21  WCMW Manistee PBS   WCMU info
26 14  WMNN Cadillac Ind     info
27 17  WCMV Cadillac PBS   WCMU info
29  WGTU Traverse City ABC
32 32  WFQX Cadillac FOX     info
45  WFUP
Gaylord FOX
46*    W46AD Traverse City PBS   WCML info


FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.1  WBLW Gaylord Religious     info
88.1  WSFP Harrisville Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
88.1  W201CF Baldwin Religious KAWZ   info
88.3  WEJC Midland Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
88.3  WSMZ Hart Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
88.3  WTCY Greilickville Religious WTCK   info
88.5  WIAB Mackinaw City Classical WIAA   info
88.7  WIAA Interlochen Classical     info
88.9  WGZR Alpena Religious WTCK   info
89.3  WTLI Boyne City Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
89.7  WJOJ Alpena Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
89.7  WLMN Manistee Public: News/Talk WICA   info
89.9  WLJN Traverse City Religious     info
90.1  WHBP Harbor Springs Public: News/Talk WICA   info
90.5  WPHN Gaylord Religious     info
90.7  WKKM Harrison Classic Country     info
90.7  WNMC Traverse City Public: Variety     info
90.9  WMSD Rose City Religious     info
90.9  WTCK Charlevoix Religious     info
91.1  WOLW Cadillac Religious WPHN   info
91.3  WJOG Petoskey Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
91.3  WGJU East Tawas Religious WTCK   info
91.5  WICA Traverse City Public: News/Talk     info
91.7  WCML Alpena Public: Classical/Talk WCMU info
91.7  W219DK Manistee --- ---   info
91.9  WGCP Cadillac Religious     info
91.9  WSMO CP Standish ---     info
91.9  W220CW Rogers Heights Variety WAQQ   info
92.1  WTWS Houghton Lake Country     info
92.1  W221BQ Petoskey       info
92.1  W221CA Gaylord Religious WTCK   info
92.3  WBNZ Frankfort Adult Contemporary     info
92.5  WFDX Atlanta Classic Hits WFCX   info
92.7  W224CA Ludington Classic Rock WWKR   info
92.9  WJZQ Cadillac Contemporary Hits     info
93.3  WKQZ Midland Active Rock     info
93.3  W227AT CP Manistee Variety WAQQ   info
93.3  W227CB Alpena --- ---   info
93.5  WBCM Boyne City Country WTCM   info
93.7  WKAD Cadillac Sports     info
93.9  WAVC Mio Classic Rock WGFN   info
94.1  WWKR Ludington Classic Rock     info
94.1  W241BF Alpena Country WWTH   info
94.3  WFCX Traverse City Classic Hits     info
94.5  WLJZ Mackinaw City Classic Rock WGFN   info
94.7  W234BU Traverse City Classical WIAA   info
94.9  WKJZ Alpena Variety Hits WQLB   info
94.9  WKZC Ludington Country     info
95.1  W236BR Reed City News/Talk WBRN   info
95.1  W236BU Traverse City Public: Classical/Talk WCMW   info
95.1  W236BZ St. Ignace Religious WTCK   info
95.3  WGRL Indian River silent     info
95.3  W237DA Boyne City Talk WSRT   info
95.5  WJZJ Traverse City Rock     info
95.7  WCMB Oscoda Public: Classical/Talk WCMU   info
96.3  WLXT Petoskey Adult Contemporary     info
96.5  W243BA Big Rapids ---     info
96.7  WLXV Cadillac Hot Adult Contmpry     info
96.7  WRGZ Rogers City Country WATZ   info
96.9  WWCM Standish Public: Classical/Talk WCMU   info
97.3  WDEE Big Rapids Oldies     info
97.5  WKLT Kalkaska Rock     info
97.7  WMLQ Manistee Adult Contemporary     info
97.7  WMRX Beaverton Adult Standards     info
97.7  WQEZ Cheboygan Adult Contemporary     info
98.1  WGFN Traverse City Classic Rock     info
98.1  W251AD Alpena Variety Hits WKJZ   info
98.5  WUPS Houghton Lake Classic Hits     info
98.7  WLDN CP Pentwater       info
98.9  WKLZ Petoskey Rock WKLT   info
99.3  WATZ Alpena Country     info
99.3  WOUF Frankfort Rock     info
99.7  W259AH Petoskey Religious WPHN   info
99.9  WHAK Rogers City Classic Hits     info
100.1  WCUZ Manistee News/Talk     info
100.3  WQON Grayling Rock     info
100.5  WEEH Hart Oldies     info
100.7  WWTH Oscoda Country     info
100.9  WICV East Jordan Classical WIAA   info
100.9  WLUN Pinconning Sports     info
100.9  WWBR Big Rapids Country     info
101.1  WGRY Roscommon Sports     info
101.5  WMJZ Gaylord Variety Hits     info
101.5  WMTE Manistee Classic Hits     info
101.7  WPRJ Coleman Contmpry Christian     info
101.9  WLDR Traverse City Country   info
102.1  W271AG Mackinaw City Religious WHWG   info
102.3  WYBR Big Rapids Hot Adult Contmpry     info
102.5  W273CC Alpena --- ---   info
102.7  WMOM Ludington Contemporary Hits     info
102.9  WMKC Indian River Country     info
103.1  WGDN Gladwin Country     info
103.3  WQLB Tawas City Variety Hits     info
103.5  WTCM Traverse City Country     info
103.9  WCMW Petoskey Public: Classical/Talk WCMU   info
104.1  WSAG Bay City Adult Contemporary     info
104.3  WRDS Roscommon Religious     info
104.5  WZTC Traverse City Variety Hits     info
104.7  WKJC Tawas City Country     info
104.9  WAIR Cadillac Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
104.9  W285DY Ludington Adult Contemporary WMLQ   info
105.1  WGFM Cheboygan Rock WJZJ   info
105.5   West Branch Classic Country     info
105.5  WSRJ Traverse City Talk WSRT   info
105.9  WKHQ Charlevoix Contemporary Hits     info
106.1  WHST Tawas City Religious WPHN   info
106.3  WKLA Ludington Adult Contemporary     info
106.3  WYPV CP Onaway       info
106.7  WSRT Gaylord Talk     info
107.1  WCKC Cadillac Classic Rock WGFN   info
107.3  WAWB West Branch Religious     info
107.5  WCCW Traverse City Classic Hits     info
107.7  WHSB Alpena Hot Adult Contmpry     info
107.7  W299BE Big Rapids News/Talk WBRN   info
107.9  WCDY Cadillac Hot Adult Contmpry     info
107.9  WCZW Charlevoix Classic Hits WCCW   info


AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
Freq Call City Format More
580  WTCM Traverse City  News/Talk info
750  WARD Petoskey Adult Contemporary info
940  WIDG St. Ignace Religious info
960  WHAK Rogers City Talk info
1110  WJML Petoskey News/Talk info
1210  WJNL Traverse City News/Talk info
1230  WMQU Grayling Sports info
1240  WATT Cadillac News/Talk info
1240  WCBY Cheboygan Classic Country info
1270  WMKT Charlevoix News/Talk info
1310  WCCW Traverse City Sports info
1340  WMBN Petoskey Sports info
1340  WMTE Manistee silent info
1350  WGDN Gladwin Talk/Religious info
1370  WLJW Cadillac Religious info
1400  WLJN Traverse City Religious info
1450  WATZ Alpena News/Talk info
1450  WKLA Ludington News/Talk info
1460  WBRN Big Rapids News/Talk info
1480  WIOS East Tawas Adult Standards info
1590  WODJ CP Big Rapids --- info


Weather Radio:

Gaylord NWS Office - Northern Lower & Eastern Upper Peninsula

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
Freq Call   City Power More
162.400  KIH22    Traverse City 330 watts info
Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Manistee, Missaukee, Wexford
162.450  KXI33    West Branch 1000 watts info
Arenac, Gladwin, Iosco, Ogemaw, Roscommon
162.475  WNG572    Emmet Co./Petoskey 300 watts info
Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet
162.500  WWF70    Gaylord/Waters 300 watts info
Crawford, Otsego
162.550  KIG74    Sault Ste Marie/Dafter 1000 watts info
Chippewa, Mackinac (east 1/2)
162.550  KIG83    Alpena/Herron/Lachine 800 watts info
Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, Oscoda, Presque Isle

Grand Rapids NWS Office - Western and Central Lower Peninsula

Freq Call   City Power More
162.425  WNG672    Wolf Lake/Baldwin 1000 watts info
Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, Wexford
162.525  KZZ33    Mt. Pleasant 1000 watts info
Clare, Gratiot, Isabella, Mecosta, Midland, Montcalm, Osceola


AM Travelers Information Service:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
Freq Call City Usage More
530  WNHC787 Mackinaw City Mackinac Bridge info
530  WPHH450 Big Rapids Ferris St. U info
1610  WNHC787 St. Ignace Mackinac Bridge info
1610  WQIV322 Ludington Visitor Info info
1610  WQJH905 Glen Arbor Visitor Info info





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