Ontario Radio and TV Dial Guide

Windsor, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, London, Owen Sound

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • DTV= physical channel used for digital broadcasts
  • Chan= virtual channel number (if different from physical channel)
  • * = analog broadcasts only
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information


Chan DTV Call City Network   Parent More
2 11  CHBX Sault Ste Marie CTV     info
5 21  CBLT Sault Ste Marie CBC     info
6 30  CIII Paris Global     info
8 62  CKNX Wingham       info
9 35  CBET Windsor CBC     info
10 57  CFPL London       info
12 16  CIII Sault Ste Marie Global     info
13 7  CKCO Kitchener CTV     info
16 66  CHWI Wheatley       info
18 60  CICO London TVO     info
20 25  CICO Sault Ste Marie TVO     info
20 ?  CJMT London       info
22 6  CIII Stevenson Global     info
26 23  CBLFT Sault Ste Marie SRC     info
29 55  CIII Sarnia Global     info
31 51  CITY Woodstock       info
32 25  CICO Windsor TVO     info
34 46  CBLN Sarnia CBC     info
34    CFTV Leamington Ind.     info
38 32  CHCH Sault Ste Marie       info
40 23  CBLN London CBC     info
42 27  CKCO Sarnia CTV     info
45 54  CBLN Wingham CBC     info
48 63  CBLFT Chatham SRC     info
51 24  CHCH London       info
53 3  CBLFT London SRC     info
54 69  CBEFT Windsor SRC     info
59 33  CICO Chatham TVO     info
60 65  CHWI Windsor       info
64 65  CBLN Chatham CBC     info
68 67  CBLFT Sarnia, ON SRC     info
69 47  CFMT London       info


FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.1  CBEE Chatham, ON Variety; CBC1 CBEW   info
88.1  CBON Sault Ste Marie French     info
88.7  CIMX Windsor Modern Rock     info
89.3  CKGW Chatham, ON Religious     info
89.5  CBSM Sault Ste Marie Variety; CBC1     info
89.9  CBE Windsor Variety; CBC2     info
90.1  CJLF Owen Sound Contmpry Christian     info
90.3  CBEC Elliot Lake Variety; CBC1     info
90.3  CBEG Sarnia Variety; CBC1 CBE   info
90.7  CBPS Bruce Peninsula Pk Weather     info
90.9  CIYN Port Elgin Classic Hits     info
91.3  CFBW Hanover Adult Contemporary     info
91.7  CIBU Bluewater Rock CIBU   info
91.9  CBEW Leamington Variety; CBC1     info
92.3  CJOS Owen Sound Classic Hits     info
92.5  CHIM Elliot Lake Religious     info
92.7  CJBX London Country     info
92.7  CJSP Leamington, ON Variety Hits     info
92.9  CFCO Chatham Country     info
92.9  CFWJ  Sault Ste Marie Tourist Info     info
93.5  CBCL London Variety; CBC1     info
93.7  CKYC Owen Sound Country     info
93.9  CIDR Windsor Adult Alternative     info
94.1  CKNR Elliot Lake Variety Hits     info
94.3  CJFH Woodstock Religious     info
94.3  CKSY Chatham Adult Contemporary     info
94.5  CIBU Wingham Rock     info
94.9  CHRW London College     info
95.1  CKUE Chatham Rock     info
95.5  CIYN Kincardine Classic Hits     info
95.9  CFPL London Rock     info
95.9  CJWF Windsor Country     info
96.7  CHYR Leamington Hot Adult Contmpry     info
97.1  CBL Owen Sound Variety; CBC2     info
97.3  CHIM Sault Ste Marie Religious     info
97.5  CBCE Little Current Variety; CBC1     info
97.5  CBEW Windsor Variety; CBC1     info
97.5  CIQM London Hot Adult Contmpry     info
97.9  CFPS Port Elgin Adult Contemporary     info
98.7  CBCB Owen Sound Variety; CBC1     info
98.7  CKNR Elliot Lake Variety Hits CKNR   info
98.9  CHCD Simcoe Adult Contemporary     info
99.1  CJAM Windsor College     info
99.3  CJBC London French     info
99.7  CIYN Goderich Classic Hits     info
99.9  CFGX Sarnia Adult Contemporary     info
100.1  CHFN Neyaashiinigmiing Variety     info
100.5  CBBL London Variety; CBC2     info
100.5  CHAS Sault Ste Marie Adult Contemporary     info
100.7  CFRM Little Current Country     info
100.7  CKUE Windsor Rock     info
100.9  CBLA Wingham Variety; CBC1     info
101.3  CKOT Tillsonburg Adult Contemporary     info
101.7  CBON Elliot Lake French     info
101.7  CKNX Wingham Hot Adult Contmpry     info
102.1  CJTK Little Current Religious     info
102.3  CHST London Variety Hits     info
103.1  CBEF Leamington French CBEF   info
103.1  CFHK London Contemporary Hits     info
103.3  CKCI Sarnia Variety CKTI   info
103.9  CHOK Sarnia Full Service     info
103.9  CJBC Windsor French     info
103.9  CKDK Woodstock Classic Hits     info
104.3  CJQM Sault Ste Marie Country     info
104.7  CIHR Woodstock Adult Contemporary     info
104.9  CHWC Goderich Adult Contemporary     info
105.7  CJMI Strathroy Adult Contemporary     info
105.9  CHJX London Contmpry Christian     info
105.9  CHPD  Aylmer Ethnic     info
106.3  CHKS Sarnia, ON Rock     info
106.5  CIXK Owen Sound Adult Contemporary     info
106.9  CIXX London Urban/College     info
107.3  CJDL Tillsonburg Country     info
107.7  CHGK Stratford Adult Contemporary     info
107.7  CKTI Kettle Point Variety     info


AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
Freq Call City Format More
560  CFOS Owen Sound Full Service/Oldies info
580  CKWW Windsor Oldies info
630  CFCO Chatham, ON Country info
800  CKLW Windsor News/Talk info
920  CKNX Wingham Full Service/Country info
980  CFPL London News/Talk info
1070  CHOK Sarnia Full Service info
1240  CJCS Stratford Full Service/Oldies info
1290  CJBK London News/Talk info
1410  CKSL London Adult Standards/Oldies info
1510  CKOT  Tillsonburg Country info


Weather Radio:

Weatheradio Canada - Ontario near the Michigan border

Freq Call   City Power More
162.400  XJV492    Sarnia 42 watts info
162.400  XMJ373    Sault Ste Marie 447 watts info
162.475  VAZ533    Windsor 98 watts info





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