Upper Peninsula Radio and TV Dial Guide

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • DTV= physical channel used for digital broadcasts
  • Chan= virtual channel number (if different from physical channel)
  • * = analog broadcasts only
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information


Chan DTV Call City Network   Parent More
2 11  CHBX Sault Ste Marie CTV     info
3 48  WJMN Escanaba CBS   WFRV info
4    WMOW  Crandon, WI FamNet     info
4 35  WTOM Cheboygan NBC ABC WPBN info
5 21  CBLT Sault Ste Marie CBC     info
5 11  WBKP Houghton CW     info
6 35  WLUC Marquette NBC FOX   info
7    W07DB Marquette NBC   WLUC info
8 8  WDHS  Iron Mountain       info
8 8  WGTQ Sault Ste Marie ABC NBC WGTU info
10    WBUP Marquette ABC     info
10 10  WWUP Sault Ste Marie CBS FOX WWTV info
12 16  CIII Sault Ste Marie Global     info
12 16  WJFW Rhinelander, WI NBC     info
13 33  WNMU Marquette PBS     info
14    W14CE Escanaba NBC   WLUC info
19 19  WZMQ Marquette MeTV This/My   info
20 25  CICO Sault Ste Marie TVO     info
20    W20BZ Escanaba TBN     info
26 23  CBLFT Sault Ste Marie SRC     info
31    W31BK Menominee NBC   WGBA info
32    W32CV  Ironwood FOX   KQDS info
34 28  WYOW Eagle River, WI ABC CW WAOW info
36 47  WLEF Park Falls, WI PBS     info
38 32  CHCH Sault Ste Marie       info
40 40  W40AN Escanaba FOX   WLUK info
57    W57AR Sayner, WI CBS   WSAW info
67 28  W67CS Sault Ste Marie 3ABN     info


FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.1  CBON Sault Ste Marie French     info
88.3  WKIW Ironwood Contmpry Christian KLVR   info
88.3  WKPK Michigamme Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
88.5  WIAB Mackinaw City Classical WIAA   info
88.5  WNLI Sturgeon Bay, WI Religious     info
88.5  WOAS Ontonagon High School     info
88.7  new  Quinesec ----     info
88.7  W204AQ Newberry Religious WPHN   info
88.9  WCRR Manistique Religious     info
89.3  WSHN Munising Religious     info
89.5  CBSM Sault Ste Marie Variety; CBC1     info
89.7  WHND Sister Bay, WI Public: Classical/Talk WPNE   info
89.7  new CP Ironwood       info
89.9  WHWG Trout Lake Religious WHWL   info
90.1  WLSO Sault Ste Marie College     info
90.1  WNMU Marquette Public: Variety   info
90.3  WUMI  Newberry ---     info
90.5  WPFF Sturgeon Bay, WI Contmpry Christian     info
90.7  WMVM Goodman, WI Religious WRVM   info
90.9  new CP Escanaba       info
90.9  W215BR Ironwood Contmpry Christian WJRF   info
91.1  WGGL Houghton Public: Classical/Talk     info
91.1  W216AI Newberry Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.1  W216BF Manistique Religious WHWL   info
91.3  W217AA Menominee Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.5  WJOH Sault Ste Marie Contmpry Christian WLGH   info
91.5  WUPX Marquette College     info
91.5  WVCM Iron Mountain Religious WVCY   info
91.7  WXPR Rhinelander, WI Public: Variety   info
91.9  WHDI Sister Bay, WI Public: News/Talk WHDI   info
91.9  WMTU Houghton College     info
91.9  W220AJ Manistique Public: Variety WNMU   info
91.9  W220DP Ironwood Religious WRVM   info
92.3  WJPD Marquette Country     info
92.5  WLCJ Marinette, WI Religious     info
92.7  WPIQ Manistique Talk     info
92.7  W224AO Houghton Public: Classical/Talk WGGL   info
92.7  W224AV Covington Religious WHWL   info
92.7  W224AW Bergland Religious WHWL   info
92.9  CFWJ  Sault Ste Marie Tourist Info     info
92.9  W225AV Bessemer Religious WRVM   info
93.1  WIMK Iron Mountain Rock WUPK   info
93.5  WKMJ Hancock Hot Adult Contmpry     info
93.7  WCYE Eagle River, WI Country     info
93.9  WDOR Sturgeon Bay, WI Country/MOR     info
93.9  WNBY Newberry Oldies     info
94.1  WUPK Marquette Rock     info
94.3  WZNL  Iron Mountain Hot Adult Contmpry     info
94.5  WLJZ Mackinaw City Classic Rock WGFN   info
94.5  WRJO Eagle River, WI Oldies     info
94.9  WUPZ Marquette Contemporary Hits     info
95.1  WLST Marinette, WI Country     info
95.1  WUPN CP Paradise       info
95.1  W236BZ St. Ignace Religious WTCK   info
95.3  W237AW Iron River Religious WRVM   info
95.7  WHWL Marquette Religious     info
96.3  WSFQ Marinette, WI Classic Hits     info
96.5  W243CQ Escanaba Public: Variety WNMU   info
96.7  WMJT Newberry Variety Hits     info
96.7  WUPG Marquette Variety Hits     info
96.7  W244AW Iron Mountain Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
97.1  WGLQ Escanaba Contemporary Hits     info
97.3  CHIM Sault Ste Marie Religious     info
97.7  WOLV Houghton Classic Hits     info
97.7  WQEZ Cheboygan Adult Contemporary     info
97.7  WSRG Sturgeon Bay, WI Country     info
97.9  WIHC Newberry Religious WGCP   info
97.9  W250BO Stephenson Public: Variety WNMU   info
98.1  WEUL Iron Mountain Religious WHWL   info
98.1  W251AE Victoria Religious WHWL   info
98.3  WCMZ Sault Ste Marie Public: Classical/Talk WCMU   info
98.3  WRUP Munising Classic Rock     info
98.7  WGLI Hancock Rock     info
98.7  W254AG Escanaba Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
98.9  W255CB Powers Religious WRVM   info
99.1  WIKB Iron River Country     info
99.5  WNGE  Marquette Oldies     info
99.5  WYSS Sault Ste Marie Contemporary Hits     info
99.7  WIMI Ironwood Hot Adult Contmpry     info
99.7  WZDR Sturgeon Bay, WI Classic Hits WYDR   info
99.7  W259AD Newberry Religious WHWL   info
99.9  W260AC Houghton Religious WHWL   info
99.9  W260AG Ishpeming Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
100.1  WRHN Rhinelander, WI Hot Adult Contmpry     info
100.1  W261CI Escanaba Religious WHWL   info
100.3  WUPT Marquette Classic Hits     info
100.5  CHAS Sault Ste Marie Adult Contemporary     info
100.7  WOBE Iron Mountain Classic Hits     info
100.9  W265AI Ironwood Public: Variety WXPR   info
101.1  WUPY Ontonagon Country     info
101.3  WSUE Sault Ste Marie Rock     info
101.5  WJNR Iron Mountain Country     info
101.9  WKQS Marquette Adult Contemporary     info
102.1  W271AG Mackinaw City Religious WHWG   info
102.3  WHKB Houghton Country     info
102.3  WTHN Sault Ste Marie Religious WPHN   info
102.5  WCMM Manistique Country     info
102.7  WRVM Suring, WI Religious     info
103.3  WFXD Marquette Country     info
103.3  W277AG Sault Ste Marie Religious WHWG   info
103.7  WHYB Menominee Oldies     info
103.9  W280DD Ironwood Religious WHWL   info
104.3  CJQM Sault Ste Marie Country     info
104.3  WVCN Baraga Religious WVCY   info
104.7  WYKX Escanaba Country     info
105.1  WGFM Cheboygan Rock     info
105.1  WSBW Sister Bay, WI Adult Standards     info
105.1  W286BC Marquette Religious WNLI   info
105.5  WGKL Escanaba Oldies     info
105.5  WMKD  Sault Ste Marie Country     info
105.7  WCUP L'Anse Country     info
105.9  WEGZ Washburn, WI Religious WVCY   info
106.1  W291CJ Marquette Contmpry Christian WPFF   info
106.3  WMXG Escanaba Classic Hits/Rock     info
106.7  WHTO Iron Mountain Classic Hits     info
106.9  WLGE Baileys Harbor, WI Adult Alternative     info
106.9  WUPM Ironwood Hot Adult Contmpry     info
107.3  WUPF Escanaba Variety Hits     info
107.7  WLWR  Marinette, WI Variety     info
107.7  WMQT Marquette Hot Adult Contmpry     info


AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
Freq Call City Format More
570  WMAM Marinette, WI Sports info
590  WJMS Ironwood Country info
600  WCHT Escanaba News/Talk info
680  WDBC Escanaba Full Service info
920  WMPL Hancock Talk/Sports info
940  WIDG St. Ignace Religious info
950  WERL Eagle River, WI Talk info
970  WZAM Marquette Sports info
1230  WFER Iron River Classic Hits info
1230  WSOO Sault Ste Marie Full Service info
1240  WCBY Cheboygan Classic Country info
1240  WIAN  Ishpeming News/Talk info
1320  WDMJ  Marquette News/Talk info
1340  WAGN Menominee News/Talk info
1400  WCCY Houghton Adult Standards info
1400  WKNW Sault Ste Marie News/Talk info
1400  WQXO Munising Oldies info
1430  new (CP)  Marquette --- info
1450  WHRY Hurley, WI Oldies info
1450  WMIQ  Iron Mountain Talk info
1450  WNBY Newberry Classic Country info
1490  WTIQ Manistique Oldies info


Weather Radio:

Gaylord / North Central Lower MI NWS Office - Northern Lower & Eastern Upper Peninsula

Freq Call   City Power More
162.550  KIG74    Sault Ste Marie/Dafter 1000 watts info
Chippewa, Mackinac (east 1/2)

Marquette NWS Office - Western and Central Upper Peninsula

Freq Call   City Power More
162.400  WXK73    Houghton/Painesdale 1000 watts info
Baraga, Gogebic, Houghton, Keweenaw, Ontonagon
162.425  WZ2515    Grand Marais 100 watts info
Alger (east 1/2)
162.450  WNG576    Newberry 300 watts info
Alger, Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac
162.475  KJY76    Crystal Falls 1000 watts info
Dickinson, Iron
162.475  WZ2514    Munising 100 watts info
Alger (west 1/2)
162.500  WZ2513    Copper Harbor 300 watts info
162.500  KZZ35    Escanaba 1000 watts info
Delta, Dickinson, Menominee
162.525  WNG684    Manistique 300 watts info
Alger, Schoolcraft
162.550  KIG66    Marquette/Negaunee 1000 watts info
Alger (west 1/2), Baraga (east 1/2), Delta, Dickinson (north 1/2), Iron, Marquette, Menominee, Schoolcraft
162.550  WNG683    Marenisco 300 watts info
Gogebic, Ontonagon (SC and W)

Green Bay NWS Office - Menominee County and northeast Wisconsin

Freq Call   City Power More
162.400  WNG553    Wausaukee, WI 1000 watts info
162.425  WXN69    Sister Bay/Ellison Bay, WI 1000 watts info
Delta (southern), Menominee

Duluth NWS Office - Gogebic County

Freq Call   City Power More
162.525  KZZ78    Ashland, WI 1000 watts info

Weatheradio Canada - Ontario near the Michigan border

Freq Call   City Power More
162.400  XMJ373    Sault Ste Marie 447 watts info


AM Travelers Information Service:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
Freq Call City Usage More
530  WNHC787 Mackinaw City Mackinac Bridge info
530  WQVX818 Sault Ste Marie International Bridge info
1610  WNHC787 St. Ignace Mackinac Bridge info
1610  WQFG874 Ontonagon Visitor Info info
1700  WQVX818 Sault Ste Marie International Bridge info




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